More Great Festivals in Houston

Celebrate the weekend by taking a day out and attending one or another of the great festivals that are coming through Houston this month. Here are two of the best that you may want to get a jump on.

AsiaFest - AsiaSocietyTexasCenter - May 16th & 17th

This free festival celebrates the Asian Pacific American culture of our city. You’ll get the chance to try authentic food, listen to music, see dance performances, shop around for arts and crafts and just generally mingle and have fun. If you’ve ever been interested in this cultural element of Houston, now’s your chance to learn more.

Houston Press BrewFest - Silver Street Station - May 16th

This one-day drinking event gathers people together to try out some of Houston’s best local craft beers. In addition, there will be plenty of other entertainment, such as live music, a collection of the city’s best food trucks and a party-like atmosphere that is perfect for just relaxing and having fun.


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